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Jenny Minehan is offering physiotherapy and Bowen therapy to individuals within the Cowra region. With years of experience and boundless knowledge, Jenny can return your health and wellbeing to it's comfortable norm, and even to soaring to new heights.

Appointments at:
Cowra Chiropractic Health and Wellness Centre
135 Kendal St.,
Cowra, NSW 2794

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What I can do for you

My experience spans over decades, and to locations all over the Central West. My study began with physiotherapy and has since broadened to Bowen Therapy, both of which I am proficient in now, and offer readily for all my clients.


As a Physiotherapist, my focus has always been to restore my clients to optimal health and function. While pain relief is what most people are seeking, a thorough assessment may reveal asymmetry, a twist in the pelvis, stiff feet or decreased range of movement due to tight soft tissue. Pain is often the last thing to arrive so my job as a Physiotherapist is to trace back and correct the primary cause.

Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is a particularly gentle technique which involves minimal touch and can be performed through light clothing. Bowen moves help to bring the body into balance, by eliciting deep, healing responses within the body on many different levels-physical, chemical, emotional, mental and energetic.

about Me

Jenny Minehan

I graduated from the University of Sydney some time ago, and have enjoyed a varied career including hospital and private clinical work in Orange, Tamworth, London, Young, Cowra and Grenfell.

I was Disability Supervisor for DOCS for a time and loved working at Weeroona Nursing Home and Holman Place School in Cowra in previous years.  

My last ‘home’ was The Perfect Health Centre in Macquarie St, moving on to allow Robyn the space to pursue her own passion.  My post graduate training over the years, and a love of Bowen Therapy, has resulted in my personal treatment approach being difficult to define. If you are curious, Google ‘Fascia’ and come and see for yourself!

Meanwhile, away from clinical practice, I am married to a farmer. We have five grown sons who have set themselves up with beautiful wives/partners and given us five lovely grandchildren. Life is good….

I Take Physiotherapy Very Seriously. I believe in Your Wellbeing!

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If you have any private concerns, I am happy to take them on. Note that I might not respond straight away, and giving me a call is much easier!

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